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Communication only matters if it “works”. Our creative results are daily inspirations. They are authentical and have an individuality. We are certain that people want to feel understood, to earn trust, to be wanted and appreciated – why it should be different in the advertising world?

 We value our clients, we value their clients…and the clients of their clients, we listen to them carefully and speak through their minds, we recognize and respond with their lifestyle signs. This leads to innovative and esthetic communication solutions, where the customer is always on focus.

 The designers in “Vila Agency” are more than artists, painters, influencers – their talent is to discover the beauty in different social situations, to transform it in an actual value and to leave a special feeling in every addressee who always wanted to be part of something big.

  • Structuring a visual corporate identity
  • Graphic  design for printing materials
  • Large scale printing and Out-of-home advertising
  • Design for products and advertising boxes
  • Online visual files/formats
  • 3D visual formats, animation
  • Unique plastic price formats
  • Serial publications and bulletins
  • Illustration and layout /styling of books, author catalogues, art
  • Design of corporate media
  • Visual design of point of sales (chains, showroom)
  • Visual solutions for branch expositions
  • Design for showcases – Spatial decisions 
  • Decoration – private and corporative events 
  • Galleries and exhibitions