Vila Agency PR

Public Relations

“PUBLIC RELATIONS is the art of enhancing public opinion for your company, product or service using the spoken or printed word, by actions or visible symbols.”-  Carl Hundhausen, 1937.

Public relations nowadays are way more transparent than ten years ago. The access to public attention is much easier and diversified. The customers, also bloggers, have a better social instinct and are more familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ than the traditional PR specialists. Just a look from the media mentioned above shows how creative the customers are and their wide imagination, also how they surf on the wave of perceptions and a positive reputation. There is only one rule in the development of the media infrastructure in which we have been part of for a while and it is: everything changes... and it changes fast.
The phrase “we never stop learning” that always leads us, begins to redefine. The fact stays remain remains the same, but the periods are getting shorter and shorter …

When it comes to finding information, researching or making targeted purchase decisions, people these days prefer to do it online instead of reading from printed materials. Whoever succeeds to inform the audience in a smarter or unique way and to attract potential clients, whoever has bigger communication skills in a compartment to the competition, he will sell better their own service or product while generating the biggest possible share on the market.

Vila Agency creates a punctual, clearly structured communication with a specific stylistic towards existing or potential target groups while using a coherent complex of every channel – offline and online. They include crucial elements from the modern marketing mix and cross-marketing strategies, developed with innovative methods for every individual marketing situation. We speak the language of all senses. This way by creating a long-lasting and unique corporate image in a harmonious team with our clients, we manage to sustain and expand our target market share in an increasingly difficult time.
These are structured arguments that improve our communication strategies with PR activities such as:
  • Outdoor communications – we develop an appropriate stylistic and communication language according to the specific target groups, we use chronologically in every possible form– from publications on the media to direct conversation with the client/partner.
  • Social network and Google ads – we use all kinds of digital media or technologies, which let the customers to interact with each other online and to share the content personally or in professional groups.
  • Content marketing – a method for creating a communication strategy to spread associative information and to build an image with added value towards our clients and enhancing their knowledge for specific product groups or brands. This is how we connect the brand with our current clients and attract new ones. This is much more than just posting a good text or a picture– it is important to spread the symbiosis from all elements precisely.
  • Google coherence – Google is an important criterion when it comes to which information is useful and which one is not. The large number of consistently changing algorithms for information evaluation is a guarantee for reliable results thanks to the constant monitoring and analysis of values in the search engine, we optimize and find the most suitable and successful communication strategy according to the goals we are setting.
  • Professional discussions – media publications are important, but they are not enough for a one-way communication. It is essential, the effectiveness, the results and the feedback to be discussed with the clients in constructive conversations especially when it comes to making a decision, potential development of the variety of products and/or the service and business development as well. The purposeful targeted PR campaign foregoes and is accompanied by discussing and consulting with the corresponding trading teams.
  • A combination of all important elements – For every project is important to be created and to be an approved complex of the main elements of the communication strategy– Content Marketing, Public Relations, social media, marketing browsers as well and SEO.