The work at Vila Agency

“My work at Vila Agency was not just a pleasure, which I believe every job should bring, but also a priceless experience for the time I have spent there. The working daily life was often dynamic and accompanied by various challenges, but the opportunities for personal and professional development, social contacts and a creative atmosphere, worth every stressful moment (of it). I have witnessed the professional attitude of Mr. Panayotov and I feel lucky that I was thought by such an educated and interesting person. The colleagues are not only creative but very funny and warm as well, which makes the atmosphere cozier – something very seldom nowadays in workplaces. To spend most of your day among polite and intelligent people is equivalent to going with desire and zest to work every day. I feel sorry that for personal, even though wonderful reasons, I had to move to another city and to say goodbye to this amazing atmosphere. I believe I could`ve learned so much more and developed myself. I would love to work at Vila Agency again with Mr. Panayotov, under different circumstances.

Tsvetomira Goberova